Private Client Photo Sessions

Dog With Vintage Camera and Flash CloseupDog With Vintage Camera and Flash CloseupA cute mixed terrier breed dog standing on his hind legs while holding a vintage camera and flash unit

Hello and thanks for your interest in booking a photo session. Since I am a commercial photographer that specializes in images for the animal industry, I do not usually take appointments for private clients. However, I am opening up some time slots throughout September and October to for anyone to bring their pups in for pics. Here's the deal though:

  • I am not a traditional studio photographer. I have a signature style of shooting on a pure white background. This isolates the animals and shows off their unique personality. I keep it plain and simple. The base session does not include props, costumes, dress up or Photoshop manipulations. If you are looking for anything besides photos of just your dog on white, please contact me at to chat about it further. (Important note: White color dogs do not photograph well on white backgrounds.)
  • I sell my images as stock photography. A part of the agreement for your photo session will include a release that acknowledges that I may or may not use the images of your dog to resell as stock images. Since I have no idea whether I will be able to use the images or whether they will actually sell, I cannot offer any type of extra compensation to the animal owners for any sales that may happen now or in the future. 
  • The session fee is $200.00 for one dog. Each additional subject is $50.00. The session includes the following: 
    •  A fun-filled photo session by A Dog's Life Photography at Photo Fusion Studio in Phoenix. Session runs approximately 30 minutes for up to two subjects. Add about 15 minutes per additional subject.
    • At least 8 expertly edited photos provided to you in digital file format. Files will be provided in medium resolution format suitable for sharing on the web and printing up to a size of 8x10. Multiple subject sessions include a few additional photos and one photo merge of your full pack together.
    • Your own private online photo gallery that provides the ability to order prints, wall art and fun photo gift items. It is highly recommended that you order prints from our professional print lab for anything over 8x10 in size.
  • If your pet is anything besides a dog (cat, bird, goldfish, etc), please contact me at prior to booking since session rates will be different. 

Your photo session results will look similar to this:


If the terms above sound good to you, please click on the link below to book your session and place a $50.00 non-refundable deposit: 

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