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Susan Schmitz 500pxSusan Schmitz 500px Hello and thanks for stopping by. My name is Susan Schmitz. I have a love for animals of all kinds. I enjoy traveling around and exploring new places. I also enjoy taking photos and and playing around in Photoshop.

I have combined all of these passions together to create photos, digital art and video clips available as stock photography and prints designed for the animal and travel industries.

I don't like to stick with just one subject or style in my creative work. I like to express both my serious and my fun-loving sides in my art. Since this can get a little bit confusing, I have split my multiple personalities up into two separate brands.... Susan Schmitz Photography and A Dog's Life Photography. More info on the differences between the two below...


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A better breed of animal stock photography.

Funny Domestic Pets Interacting TogetherFunny Domestic Pets Interacting TogetherFunny photo of bird on dog's head feeding carrot to iguana with playful kitten A Dog's Life Photography is the leader of the pack in stock imagery for the animal industry. We are based out of Photo Fusion Studio in Phoenix, Arizona but our photos are used on pet products, packaging, cards, calendars, websites and publications around the world.

We specialize in fun, whimsical and conceptual images that bring animals together in unique and interactive scenes. We also provide a wide selection of isolated images that can easily be extracted and integrated into marketing design layouts. Stock photo licenses and prints can be purchased directly from this website or through any the stock agencies that we partner with

Our animal models mainly come from the local rescue community. We help rescue groups to find fur-ever homes for pets by providing them with professional photos that give their adoption ads higher visibility. These images are then licensed through our stock photography library. By purchasing images from us for your next pet project, you are helping to save the lives of shelter animals by funding our Rescue Group Photo Program.

We are also available for commercial animal photography projects. Please visit our commercial photography page for more information. 

We are a proud member of the HeartsSpeak organization


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Wildebeest Leaping in Mid-Air Over Mara RiverWildebeest Leaping in Mid-Air Over Mara RiverDramatic capture of Blue Wildebeest leaping in mid-air into the Mara River during the great migration in Kenya, Africa with dust and splashes

When I am not in the studio photographing furry friends, I like to wander the globe and seek out animals that are a little more wild in nature.

In opposition of my whimsical galleries, my wildlife galleries are minimally processed with no manipulation of the actual scenes. Real. Raw. Life. 

Stock photography licenses and fine art prints are available through this website. 

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