Bunnies In Need Of Homes

January 26, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue in Phoenix, AZ recently signed up for our rescue group photo program. They have been caring for abandoned, abused and unwanted rabbits since 1986. Since that time, they have found loving fur-ever homes for over 2500 rabbits. Find out more about this wonderful group and see the rabbits that they currently have under their care at www.bhrabbitrescue.org. We had the pleasure of photographing several of their rabbits recently.

Hershey and Snickers

Hershey and Snickers are an inseparable brother and sister Satin/Harlequin mix pair. They are a very bonded pair that share everything together – living quarters, food and water bowls and litter boxes. Having two bunnies is not more work than one but you get twice the love.


Geisha and Hocus Pocus

This pair proves that opposites do attract! They love each other completely and unconditionally. To separate them would be a tragedy, so they must be adopted as a pair. Geisha is pure white Hotot mix with a black ring around one of her bright blue beautiful eyes. Hocus Pocus is a gorgeous Holland Lop mix boy with rich brown fur and big brown eyes.


Please contact Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue for more info on these two pairs of adorable bunnies. Click on the slideshow below to see more great photos from their session with A Dog’s Life Photography:

BrambleyHedge-1 BrambleyHedge-2 BrambleyHedge-11 BrambleyHedge-13 BrambleyHedge-12 BrambleyHedge-21 BrambleyHedge-3 BrambleyHedge-4 BrambleyHedge-5 BrambleyHedge-6 BrambleyHedge-7 BrambleyHedge-9 BrambleyHedge-10 BrambleyHedge-111 BrambleyHedge-121 BrambleyHedge-131 BrambleyHedge-15 BrambleyHedge-16 BrambleyHedge-17 BrambleyHedge-18 BrambleyHedge-20


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