Gabriel the Boxer Needs a Home

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Hello. My name is Gabriel, the Angel.



I am a very loving and sweet boy. I am just shy of one year of age and have already battled the streets of Phoenix. A good Samaritan, an angel, picked me up and brought me to the Arizona Humane Society where I was given food, water, and shelter. I had been on the streets a long time and these things I missed the most. I cannot tell you that I miss my old family, if I had one, because they didn’t care enough to keep me or come find me when I got lost. How could someone not care about me, the gift from Heaven? When I stepped on the scale before my first meal, I weighed only 39 pounds. You can see all my bones and visibly see I have lost most of my muscles. I was covered in ticks, the big fat green kind, and was covered in dirt from head to toe  If I wasn’t saved before Christmas, I’m not sure if I would have made it through to see 2011. Due to my condition, and a case of kennel cough, I was sent to a rescue that could provide me the rehabilitation I so desperately need.


Now in a loving foster home, I have a crate to call my very own. It has a blanket that keeps me warm while I sleep and I don’t have to share it with anyone. I also have a fancy new collar with tags so I don’t get lost again and nice bright red leash. They gave me a warm shower and removed all the ticks that were sucking the life out of me. I even got to cuddle with a human while wrapped in a big snuggly towel! All of this is just for me. Can you believe it? These people know I’m a gift!


I cough a lot when I eat, so right now I’m not a big fan. Hopefully when my kennel cough goes away I will want to eat more. I don’t like looking at my skeleton in the mirror. It is a little gross and makes me queasy. I am learning how to play with toys and other dogs. When I’m not learning to play, I like to lay on a big cushy bed for dogs or sleep at my foster mom’s feet. The favorite part of my day is when my foster mom pets me. Simple pets make me very happy and remind me of the love I probably once felt as a small, cute puppy.


I haven’t had any formal training, shocker right? I don’t really know any obedience, but I want to learn, so please teach me. I want to make sure I am perfect so you won’t send me to the desert again. It was scary. If you don’t teach me, I won’t learn, and that will not be my fault. It will be yours. I’m a bit mouthy and might be too much for little kids.  My foster mom says I’m a little spastic on a leash. I love to run around, weaving in and out of your legs and around other dogs. You should see the beautiful messes I get into with my leash! I’m learning that this isn’t a game and is actually dangerous for me. Who knew a human would care about me being in danger? Must be another angel.


I know that grass is meant for going potty. In the house, I do not know yet how to tell you I have to go potty, so please watch me and take me out frequently until I catch on. Again, you need to teach me.

When we are outside, I will make sure to protect you from strangers or scary noises. I will ‘woo’ at danger to alert you, but because I’m so small I probably won’t actually be able to protect you so please let me stand behind you if needed. I recently got scared by the reflection of myself and that of my foster mom in the patio door and sent myself into a ‘wooing’ frenzy until I realized it wasn’t real. I will sure keep you entertained while I learn the ropes of living with a family!

I tested positive for Valley Fever with a titer of 1:32.  My symptoms at this time are just coughing so hopefully we’ve cought the disease in time so it doesn’t go into my joints!  I will need to be on medication until the vet says to stop….depending on how my body reacts to the medication, it’s unknown how long this well be.  I am tolerating the meds great, so hopefully this will be a non-issue for you!


Please contact the rescue if you have any more questions about the angel sent from Heaven. I promise to always be your angel, if you promise to help my friends and me.

Please visit Almost Home Az Boxer Rescue to submit an adoption application.

Adoption donation is $250 which includes:

*DA2PP and rabies vaccinations
*leash and collar
*flea/tick treatment
*Maricopa County license
*30 days pre-paid pet insurance
*Microchip with lifetime registration

All of the above information was provided by Almost Home AZ Boxer Rescue. Please contact them for further information about Gabriel or any of the other many dogs in thei foster care.


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