Chaparral Dog Park Photos – Scottsdale, AZ 6-4-11

June 06, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

We had an absolute blast at the Chaparral Dog Park last Saturday!  It was my first time, although I had heard many amazing things about it.  Susan and I were dog-less so that we could focus on all the action around us, however,  I do promise to take my babies back there one day.  My greyhounds will tear that place up!

So here is what you came for, the photos from the shoot (take special note of the adorable three-way kiss toward the end).  If your dogs have been featured (or you love one of the pictures so much, you simply must have it) you can click this link to be whisked away to a private viewing gallery for making such purchases.  Don’t forget, you can do more than just get prints, you can get note cards (very popular these days) or a mouse pad or one of many other super cool things.  If you should be so inclined, message me directly, for more information.

Should you have fallen completely in love with us and want to schedule a session (right after you have become a fan of ours on Facebook), you can click on the info link above to get answers to your pricing questions or the contact link to contact us directly.

Thanks for viewing and a very special thank you to the dog moms and dads at the park.  You were amazing to meet and your fur babies were one of a kind… each and every one of them!


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