Max the English Bull Dog Mix

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Max is an adorable English Bulldog and Chinese Shar-Pei Mix.


Max was found at a car wash in South Phoenix.  He was dragging a long rope (he had easily chewed through with his incredible teeth – Extremely large K9’s).  He walked past lots of people waiting for their cars to be cleaned and stopped at a woman and her daughter.  He sat, smiled, waited for a petting and then moved on and left the car wash.  The woman could not get him out of her mind.  A frantic call was made to her husband to come quick and find him, get him off the street prior to being hit.  So, he drove quickly and arrived to find his wife standing in the middle of a side street but, no dog in site.  As she leaned into the passenger window and said I cannot find him Max appeared in front of the car wiggling his nub of a tail and seeking her attention once again.  He was quickly scooped up and taken to safety.


Max was in bad shape.  He had been badly bitten from dog fights.  His head had multiple punctures that were very infected with discharge.  Max was also very skinny and in need of a good bath!  The family posted him as a found dog but no one claimed him.  So, he was to be put up for adoption though Valley Dogs.  The issue was there were no fosters available.  So, the family agreed to foster him until a new home was found.  The family became foster flunkies.  Now 7 years later he is “plump”, happy and guards the back yard 12 hours a day from lizard and bird attacks.  Once in a while he brings one in to show off!


He now is the Beta in the dog pack and adopts all of the puppies brought into the home as fosters.  He chews on them (play – most completely fit in his huge mouth) and licks them until soaked.


Everyone that meets him wants to know where they can get one.  An English Bull Dog / Chinese Shar-Pei mix is very rare and makes an incredible dog.  Max is an example of why mix breeds are so great!

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