Arizona Labrador and Giant Breed Rescue

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Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the fine folks of the Arizona Labrador and Giant Breed Rescue. They came to us through our rescue group photo program. They brought in some very well behaved and affectionate big sweethearts that were in need of some professional photos to show off their personalities to prospective adoptive parents.

Navidad is a sweet young Labrador pup that was a stray and was pulled from the Humane Society by Arizona Labrador and Giant Breed Rescue. He has a growth disorder that was caused by malnutrition. He needs to have surgery on 3 of his legs to help him grow and function properly. Please consider helping by visiting www.azlabsandgiants.orgto make a donation.

IMG_2603(pp_w469_h700) IMG_2609(pp_w700_h569) IMG_2614(pp_w700_h516) IMG_2617(pp_w700_h606) IMG_2623(pp_w700_h630) IMG_2627(pp_w700_h365) IMG_2637(pp_w700_h537) IMG_2638(pp_w700_h465)
Angel and Bella are up for adoption through Arizona Labrador and Giant Breed Rescue.Angel and Bella are 1 year old litter mates. Angel is the beautiful black lab and Bella the gorgeous Chocolate lab. They are both extremely bonded, they will not do well separated. They are always together playing, sleeping, cleaning each other. They are both great with other dogs, cats are unknown. Bella and Angel are big girls coming in at over 80lbs each, and they still have a little growing to do. They are okay on the leash and are doggie door and crate trained. They do not chew much for lab puppies, just on small things and the towels in their crates. They do not quite know their size and can knock little kids down, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love them. These girls are your typical happy, sweet and loving labs.They are very polite and wait until you say “ok” to each as well as have very soft mouths and take treats ever so sweetly. They know basic commands and are very smart!. Visit for more info.
IMG_2631(pp_w637_h700) IMG_2585(pp_w700_h466) IMG_2575(pp_w700_h614) IMG_2580(pp_w700_h401) IMG_2590(pp_w700_h686) IMG_2532(pp_w554_h700) IMG_2560(pp_w476_h700) IMG_2543(pp_w575_h700) IMG_2565(pp_w700_h478) IMG_2535(pp_w566_h700) IMG_2552(pp_w503_h700) IMG_2547(pp_w527_h700)

Sasha is a sweet and gentle 4 year old apricot color Mastiff that weighs 110 lbs. Rice is a shy and mellow male brindle Mastiff that weighs 120 lbs. Both of these cuties are available for adoption through Arizona Labrador and Giant Breed Rescue. Visit for more info.

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