Lost Our Home Foundation

April 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Oh doggie… I have really been neglecting this blog lately! We’ve been so busy photographing rescue animals that we haven’t had time for updates. I had to make the time to share these images though. We recently partnered with Lost Our Home Pet Foundation in Tempe, AZ. They are utilizing our rescue group photo program for adoption ad photos. They will also be featuring many of our images on their marketing materials and website design. Please visit their website at www.LostOurHome.org for info on the many dogs and cats that they have available for adoption.

Cat-Dog-Sign-LOHR(pp_w700_h700) IMG_3395(pp_w466_h700) IMG_3407(pp_w700_h700) IMG_3453(pp_w467_h700) IMG_3467(pp_w700_h700) IMG_3495(pp_w700_h700) IMG_3542(pp_w700_h466) IMG_3559(pp_w466_h700) IMG_3617(pp_w466_h700) IMG_3653(pp_w700_h700) IMG_3670(pp_w700_h700) IMG_3733(pp_w700_h466) IMG_3737(pp_w700_h700) IMG_3784(pp_w466_h700) IMG_3793(pp_w466_h700) IMG_3851(pp_w700_h700) IMG_3886_Rescue-Me(pp_w594_h700) IMG_3929(pp_w466_h700) IMG_3944(pp_w700_h700) IMG_5025(pp_w700_h700) IMG_5050(pp_w700_h700) IMG_5070(pp_w700_h700) IMG_5116(pp_w700_h700) IMG_5172(pp_w466_h700) IMG_5243(pp_w700_h699) IMG_5269(pp_w466_h700) IMG_5299(pp_w700_h700) IMG_5319(pp_w466_h700) IMG_5428(pp_w700_h700) IMG_5473(pp_w700_h700) Buddy2-6257(pp_w559_h700) Daisy-6278(pp_w700_h466) Delta-6338(pp_w559_h700) Emma-6551(pp_w700_h560) Pico2-6268(pp_w559_h700) Sugar-6562(pp_w700_h560) Turbo-6346(pp_w559_h700) Violet-6312(pp_w700_h560)


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