Stock Photography FAQ

Dog With Vintage Camera and Flash CloseupDog With Vintage Camera and Flash CloseupA cute mixed terrier breed dog standing on his hind legs while holding a vintage camera and flash unit

How did you get started in stock photography?

I love to help out animal rescue groups by taking photos for adoption ads. Since this is done on a volunteer basis, I needed to find a way to fund my efforts to keep the studio lights on. I found that stock photography was a great way to resell my images of adoptable pets in a way that would provide a secure residual income. 

How can I get started in stock photography? 

I get this question often. First off, you need to learn how to produce high quality images that are commercially valuable for marketing and product packaging purposes. Stay tuned for a series of video tutorials on how to produce such images. Then you need to apply to various stock agencies for representation of your images. You can also license images yourself by creating a website through Zenfolio. They provide you with all of the tools you need for your own e-commerce site. Use coupon code DNQ-WCU-P9X for a 10% membership discount. 

What kind of gear do I need to be a stock photographer?

Well, that depends on the type of photos that you would like to produce. Despite what you may hear on the internet, you cannot make a living on stock by shooting photos with your cell phone! You need to invest in professional photography equipment that will produce high quality images.At a minimum, you need at least a prosumer level DSLR camera (A cross between a consumer level and a professional level camera that has detachable lenses).  If you are shooting indoors, professional studio strobes produce the best results since stock photography agencies are very strict about proper lighting. The professional gear that I recommend is listed below:






How do I sign up with stock agencies? 

Once you have at least ten super images produced, you can apply at various stock photography agencies. Most of them will require that you send in a set of images for review and approval before you are allowed to upload to their site for resale. I would recommend starting with Shutterstock since most contributors find that they make the most money there. Click Here to learn more about how to sign up with them. 

Who is that ridiculously cute scruffy terrier that you seem to have a lot of photos of on your website? 

Well, I am glad you asked! That is my dog Oliver. He was rescued from an animal hoarder when he was a puppy. He certainly went from Ruffs to Riches! Since he was adopted into our family, he has become a spoiled international dog model that can be seen around the world on advertisements, publications, calendars, greeting cards and more. He's one lucky pup!