Dog With Vintage Camera and Flash CloseupDog With Vintage Camera and Flash CloseupA cute mixed terrier breed dog standing on his hind legs while holding a vintage camera and flash unit

Hey fellow fur-tographers!

Thanks for stopping by. Below are some questions I frequently get that I thought I would address here. If there is anything else that you are chasing after that is not addressed, send me a message at 

How did you get into stock photography and how can I do the same? 

I really love working with the animal rescue community to provide them with free adoption photos of their animals. I wanted to find a way to devote a good portion of my time to this cause but still make enough money to pay the bills. I poked around and discovered that I could license my images through stock agencies to earn some extra cash. Over time, the royalties really started to build up. Now I am fortunate enough to work as a full-time stock photographer. You can learn all about how to do this yourself through my Roadmap to Royalties course. You can access it on my learning library by clicking here.

Do you need an assistant? 

Maybe. I am not currently in need of a staff assistant but I could use an extra hand now and then with some animal wrangling and other photog related stuff. If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area and you love animals and photography, email me at

Do you offer workshops or training to photographers? 

At the current time, I do not have any workshops planned but am thinking about it for the future. Drop me a line if you would be interested in attending one and I will keep you updated. I do have an online course on image licensing and some editing tutorials available on the learning library that I am building out at

What equipment do you use?

I work out of Photo Fusion Studio in Phoenix, AZ, which is filled up with different equipment. But the main items that I use are below: 

Canon 5D MKIII

Two Paul C. Buff Einstein strobes

PocketWizard Flex TT5

2 Promaster 45" shoot-through white umbrellas

Neewer light stands

The Morris Company background stand

White vinyl background (or paper for on-location shoots)