Specialty Photo Enhancements:

Photo Merging:

We are Photoshop Wizards and experts at "making your dogs look well behaved."! If you thought that you could never get your dogs to sit together nicely long enough for a portrait to be taken, think again! The photo of the cute puppies below was created from four separate photos to create one very well behaved litter of pups. Your friends will think you have the dog-training skills of Caesar Milan! Our creative fee is $20.00 per photo merge (example - 3 dogs in 3 separate photos merged to look like they were all sitting together = $60.00)


Special Effects and/or props:

 Say you want your dog photographed wearing a cool hat and some sunglasses but your dog says "No way! Are you crazy?". 

Or maybe you want a photo of your pup in an old vintage tub with bubbles floating all around him. No problem! We've got you covered. 

Maybe you have a pet business and you need something cool and unique for your walls. We can use your own dogs (or we can provide dog models for you) to make your business look pretty dog-gone good!

Special effects are priced on a case by case basis depending on complexity starting at only $25.00. Call Susan at 602-386-9997 to obtain a quote for your special project. 






Old Vintage Photo Effect:

You're not going to find a service quite like this anywhere else. We provide the chic and classy accessories for your pampered pooch to wear during her photo shoot... like an adorable pink flower collar or a (faux) fur wrap. Then we add some cool after effects that make the final photos look a bit tattered and worn. We customize the color scheme of the background to compliment the color scheme of your living space. The result is a timeless piece of art that will fit in to any type of decor from classic to retro.  Creative fee starts at $50.00 per photo (more if we Photoshop the accessories onto your dog after the photo session).


Customized Movie Posters: 

Movie posters can be created from photos that are taken by A Dog's Life Photo. All text will be customized to reflect the names of your pets and family members. The following two styles are available. The cost is $400 for a 24x36 or $350 for a 20x30 canvas gallery wrap or metallic metal print. 

We may be able to work with photos that you took yourself if they are of good enough quality (sorry...we can't use photos taken by other professional photographers).  Send a copy of your photo to info@adogslifephoto.com and we will let you know if we can work with it or not.  There is an additional $50 creative fee to use a photo that we did not take.

Do you have another style of poster in mind? Do you want us to design a poster similar to certain movie? We can most likely do this for you. There is an additional $100 creative fee for this since we will need to create a design from scratch.