The top 10 things you need to know before your pet photography session: 

Group of common household pets

  1. Review our portfolio and take note of the images that you like the best. Send this list to us ahead of time to give them us an idea of what your have in mind for your photos. 
  2. Take some time before your session to review the print options and products that are available to you. Having an idea of what you want to do with your photos will allow the photographer to shoot your session with the end goal in mind.
  3. If you or any other two-legged subjects are planning on being in the photos, let your photographer know this ahead of time so they are prepared for you. Wear solid color clothing that compliments your pet's fur color but doesn't match it exactly. You may want to choose neutral colors that will not make loose pet hair stand out when they shed on you. The viewer's eye will naturally be drawn to the brightest area of the photos so avoid wearing pure white or bold colors. 
  4. Bring along some of your pet's favorite treats and don't feed them as much as you normally would the day of the session so they are motivated to work in front of the camera for rewards.  
  5. Tire your pet out a bit before the session by taking them for a long walk or playing with them in the yard. Releasing as much extra energy as possible before the session will help to keep them more relaxed during the session.
  6. After exercising your pet, be sure that they are thoroughly hydrated and kept cool to avoid panting and slobbering. Keep them in an air conditioned area with plenty of water for at least an hour before the session in the summer months. If you are traveling with them by car to the session, crank up the air in the car and have a travel bowl of water with you. 
  7. Bring your pet freshly groomed. Just like you would get your hair and makeup done before a session, your pet should also look their best for their big photo shoot.
  8. If possible, bring someone with you that your dog knows and trusts. It's best to have one familiar person standing beside the pet in front of the camera and another one behind the camera helping to get their attention. If we have total strangers trying to handle your pet, it will create stress and tension that will show in the photos. 
  9. The best photos are going to be taken within the first few minutes of the session while your pet is curious and attentive. Take advantage of that time by getting the shots that are most important to you done first. Let your photographer know what is your top priority before you get started. 
  10. Most importantly, do whatever you need to do to relax before the session. Your dog will pick up on your energy. If you're stressed, they will be, too. This will show up in the photos. It's ok if your pet is not perfect. It's our job to just make them look like they are.