Images in this gallery are true wildlife documentary style images of animals in their natural habitat with no modifications to the scene of original image as it was captured.
Wildebeest Leaping in Mid-Air Over Mara RiverThree elephant in tall grass in AfricaLion Sleeping With Two LionessThree Elephants Walking in Kenya AfricaLions Mating Giving Love BiteHerd of Buffalo in Tall Kenya GrassWildebeest Climbing Up Mara River BankTopi in Tall Grass Eating FlowerZebra Famly Walking in Grasslands of KenyaLioness Overtaking Zebra in Kenya AfricaZebra Walking in Tall Africa GrasslandsZebra in Dust of AfricaLilac-Breasted Roller In FlightNile Crocodile With Kill in Mara RiverScavengers in Kenya AfricaWildebesst in Tall Grass Field in KenyaLion Pride Lying in Tall GrassLioness and Cub Cleaning after DinnerLion With Buffalo Kill in AfricaOxpecker on Giraffe With Copy Space